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Size: US 6/ UK 10

Body Shape: Straight, meaning a balanced hips and bust, but not very defined waist

Problem Area: Lower Body Fat. Legs and butt tend to accumulate fat easiest and are the last part that slims down

TACKLE IT by Combination of cardio and weight training

Weight Training: With controllable weights, do a rep of 12-15 Sumo Squat, Walking Lunge and Bulgarian Split Lunge.

Low Intensity Cardio Training: Jogging, stairs mill or elliptical.

Frequency: 6 times a week

Tips: Switch things up once in a while to keep your body progressing and avoid plateaus!

Size: US 4-6/ UK 8-10

Body Shape: Hourglass, meaning the body is triangle opposing with hip and bust are almost equal size with a narrow waist

Problem Area: Arm Fat. Arm fat causing prominent and flabby "bye-bye" arms.

TACKLE IT by Yoga and HIIT

Yoga: The best way to tone your arms without looking like a muscle woman is regular practice of yoga! Lots of Chaturunga can definitely sculpt your arms!

HIIT: HIIT are high intensity interval trainings. Kill the jiggly arms with 10 tricep dips, 5 bicep curl for each arm, 2 full bridges, 10 incline push ups, etc.

Frequency: Yoga: Best to practice daily, HIIT: 3-4 times a week 

Tips: Don't isolate parts of your body to work on because different muscles work together in harmony. If you are working your arms, you are also talking about working out your chest, shoulders, back and core!

Size: US 2-4/ UK 6-8

Body Shape: Pear, meaning almost triangle upward with hip measurement bigger than bust measurement

Problem Area: The Belly Pooch. Likely to happen on demanding career women with stressful lifestyle.

TACKLE IT by Long walks mixed with little weight training

Long Walks: A minimum of 40 minutes long walk in the morning while focusing on your core.

Weight Training: With controllable weights, practice squats and lunges like the Dumbbell Front Squats.

Frequency: Long Walks: Daily, Weight Training: 2-3 times a week

Tips: While worrying about that pooch, remember to work hard, play hard and eat well!


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