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What inspired you to start your own photography page?
I wanted to reach a bigger audience than my personal one and I can update it more frequently than my website

Besides photography, what are your other hobbies?
I got really into boxing last year and zumba!  Growing up I did a lot of swimming.  I'm also really into music.

What is the one thing you can't live without? 
Not going to lie but my icloud, literally every event, inspiration, things to do.  My life is centred around it--oops

What is your favorite holiday? 
I'm not a huge holiday person, because I don't like the idea that one day is more significant over the other.  Even just living a day in itself is precious to me. 

Describe your personal style. 
Probably some black snapback backwards, black croptop, high-waisted shirt, leather or varsity or denim jacket and some black boots or converse. 

Do you have any advice to people who want to start out their own photography page?  
I haven't really been focusing on my facebook page recently, my efforts have more shifted to instagram. I love using facebook to post my shoot updates, event albums and recently quite a lot of behind-the-scenes work!

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