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Acrylic Artist 

Quick Chat with Amelia

Miss Runner: Hi Amelia, we’re stoked to be the first activewear brand to collaborate with your artwork! What went through your mind when Miss Runner’s designer, Tania, first approached you with this wearable art crossover idea?
Amelia: I was so happy because I was thinking of doing that type of project for a long time. When I saw the brand I knew it was a wonderful opportunity and that we would create a beautiful collection together!

MR: Why did you choose acrylic paint as your medium?
A: I started painting with oil for years since the age of 9 years old. I love oil paint but when I tried acrylic I just loved the many possibilities I could work with.

MRWhat is the best part about working with acrylic paint?
A: Quick-drying , love that.

MR: Since abstract art does not have recognizable shapes or figures, how do you find your inspiration?

 A: My inspiration is nature ; volcanos , forests , oceans , stones , space , and positive emotions.

MR: What encouraged you to create paint mixing videos?
A: Mixing paint is a part of my daily process and I decided to record videos of me mixing paint because it is important for people to understand where it all starts , by creating colors. I had no idea it would have such an impact , I noticed that people feel relaxed and calm when they watch my videos. It truly makes me happy to see that something I do everyday can affect people in such a positive way.

MRIf you were to teach beginning artists about acrylic paint, what would the most important lesson be?
A: One of the most important lesson : Temperature. I have learned it the hard way. Oil paint are accepting temperature fluctuations but acrylics , absolutely not. You should set the temperature accordingly depending on what room you are working in.

MR: If you hadn’t become a visual artist, what would you be?
A: I graduated in Interior/Architectural design so I would probably be a designer, I really love that field.

MR: What’s your next step in your artist career? Is there any exciting project coming up?
A: The next step is a huge one ; I am opening an art gallery downtown Montreal. It is a lot of work but I am so excited about this project, it truly is a dream come true!

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