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Co-Founder of Future Sounds of Yoga

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Quick Chat with Angel

Miss Runner: Can you tell us about The Future Sound of Yoga? How did you start?
Angel Singmin:
 The Future Sound of Yoga is a sensory experience involving a fusion of yoga and electronic music that was created together with my partner, Matt Singmin. At our events, I guide the yoga practice whilst Matt (A.K.A SOLON) - a music producer, composer and DJ - creates the live soundtrack for people to move to. The experience focuses on free movement, letting go of thought and entering a state of meditation through the use of asana and beats.  It was through our mutual love for cutting edge music and yoga where the idea was born and the Future Sound of Yoga was created. Back In 2009, we decided to trial our concept by running an experimental yoga/dance session in Sydney and it has grown and developed from there. Over the past 6 years, we have been fortunate enough to share the experience globally with yoga and music lovers alike - at yoga festivals (The Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong, Wanderlust, Bali Spirit Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, Hawaii Spirit Festival) to music festivals (Splendour in the Grass, Playground Weekender, Subsonic Music Festival and more).

MR: Can you recommend us a mix and some yoga poses to go with it?
Yes! I'd recommend the latest yoga mix by SOLON - The Future Sound of Yoga Mix III. It was designed to fit the flow of a one hour yoga practice and showcases some of the best tracks we have used at our recent events.

The Yoga Mix starts of slow - this gives you time to warm up with some gentle stretches and connect with your breath. The mix builds gradually to a peak by which point I'd suggest working through some sun salutes and uplifting standing poses that build strength and heat. As the music winds down naturally, the movement does too with possibly more yin based approach e.g. luxurious forward folds, gentle twists and juicy hip openers.. anything that feels good for you in the moment! The Mix finishes with a track called "Phlebas" which is specifically composed for savasana by SOLON. This gives you a chance to fully relax and get dreamy on your mat at the end of your practice!

You can check it out The Future Sound of Yoga Mix III here: Stream / Free Download

MR: Could you give us some advice on safe ways to practice yoga without harming the baby?
AS: Whilst being pregnant, I have really changed my approach to my yoga practice and what I do on my mat. I have gone from a very physical, fast-paced, flowing practice and wanting to perfect the poses to now easing off, working with more gentle circular, feminine movements that still create sensations and that take me into a deeply meditative state. Its such an important time to really listen to the body each day and consider what might feel good - not just for me but the little one as well!  

Of course, Its different for any woman in pregnancy, depending on how she feels, energy levels, her health, and level of yoga experience etc. With that in mind, I would highly suggest pre-natal yoga classes to focus on postures, breathing techniques and meditations that support pregnancy and to help the mental aspect of preparing the body and mind for labour. It's also important to understand what should be avoided during this time too - for example, deep twists and extreme backbends are best left alone.

MRDo you see your future child following your path?
AS: Good question! I have a feeling that Baby Singmin could very much be a free spirit so we will have to wait and see! ;)

Angel is wearing: Miss Runner Palm Day Sports Bra

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