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Photographer // Universe Collection

Quick Chat with Ari Weinkle

Miss Runner: There are many forms and genres of art. Why are you particularly interested in abstract digital arts?
Ari Weinkle: Because there are very few limitations to what you can create. It's also a constantly evolving art form with new tools and techniques constantly becoming available.

MR: How would you describe your arts in one word? Do they reflect you as a person?
AW: Weird! Yes, to some degree.

MRHow is your work now different from your early works and what drove such a change?
AW: I used to be obsessed with using only one tool to create. Over time, that changed. I realized it's important to experiment and try different things and find the best tool for what you're trying to express.

MR: Can you tell us something about orbs? What is the idea behind this project and what inspired you into this?                                                                                             

AW: This series was inspired by the work of Lucretius, a Roman poet and philosopher. I was reading The Nature of Things, and stumbled on a quote which inspired the series."Matter, atoms, generative bodies, elements and seeds, And first beginnings since it is from these that all proceeds"

MR: We heard that you are a haiku lover, could you share with us your favourite haiku or one that you wrote?
AW: My favorite haiku is by Matsuo Basho – To talk casually / About an iris flower / Is one of the great pleasures / of the wandering journey.

MRWhich artistic figure has the greatest influence on you as an artist?
AW: That's a tough one! If I had to pick one, I'd say Wassily Kandinsky.

MR: What kind of sports would you recommend for people when they stumble upon a creative block?
AW:  Hiking and biking are both excellent for this. Walks in nature provide are a great way to clear your thoughts.

MR: Since you two are workout buddies, what sort of exercises do you help each other with?
AW: Meditation allows you to approach all aspects of your life with a greater focus.

MR: Goal for 2015?

AWBe inspired by everything. Experiment more!

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