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athleisure hairstyles to rock in and out of gym

Braids are all the rage, and they're here to stay! This classic hairstyle is making a major comeback as an athleisure hairstyle as opposed to the usual ponytail. With your hair all twisted and knotted up, it is less likely for loose strands to get in your way while working out. Also, who wouldn't want to look fabulous while working out? Give these hairstyles a go and feel like a badass the next time you workout!

1. Pony Braid 

This is a simple go-to hairstyle for active girls. It gives your usual ponytail more texture and makes it more fun! Learn how to do this braid over here.

Image: Pinterest

2. Boxer Braids

Image: LiveCoiffure

Made popular by the Kardashians, this braid is Instagram's new go-to hairstyle. Bring out your inner badass vibes with this badass braid! Learn how to do this braid over here.

Image: Bellamumma

3. Bubble Ponytail 

Not exactly a braid, but it can pass off as one! This bubble ponytail is perfect for those who are unable to braid their hair themselves. It's also the easiest 'braid' hairstyle to master. Learn how to this braid over here.

4. Dutch Braid 

The Dutch braid is also known as the reverse French braid. Instead of pulling sections of your hair over the braid, you pull them under the braid so that it pops out. Learn how to do this braid over here.

Image: Pinterest

Kristy Yuen

A peripatetic with a bottomless pit-of-a-stomach, Kristy is constantly hopping from restaurants to cafes to food stalls wherever her travels take her. As a certified yoga instructor, she loves to spread good vibes through teaching and helping others with their practice. If she’s not bending and twisting on her mat, you can probably find her munching away on chocolate.

social: @yogateak

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