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Health Enthusiast // Mother of two

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Quick Chat with Belinda

Miss Runner: How do you balance your life?
Belinda Smith My life balance is all about creating health and happiness everyday.  

MR: What do you usually do to kick-start your morning?
BS:  Every morning without fail I start the day with a 30minute walk with our dog. I always do cardio of either walking, running or skipping and with the kids included too. I will then have a clean eating breakfast straight from my homemade recipes and get off to work.

MRAre your kids motivated by your active lifestyle?
BS: My kids (the lil' crew) love being active, they actually do not know any other way. Creating healthy habits as normal lifestyle will set them up for life. They really enjoy our morning walks and they also love to help me create delicious food and are especially good at being the most honest taste testers ever. But remembering they are kids is so important. I don’t pressure them to exercise I merely make suggestions and or reasons why to help them make the right choice for their own little bodies.

MR: You share a very yummy list of healthy meals on your Instagram, do you have a favourite post-cardio meal?
BS:  b. basic smoothie

This smoothie is my absolute ‘go to’ it enhances my mood and make me feel satisfied as a meal.  I drink it for breakfast, snacks and sometimes for dessert.  It is dairy free and totally delicious!


1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon almond butter 
1 teaspoon cacao buckinis
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup almond milk
¼ cup coconut water


1. Blend 

2. Top it off with almond butter and 1 chunk of cacao buckinis

My favourite post workout meal is definitely one of my b.smoothies; my most favourite is the b.peanut butter protein smoothie > a combination of coconut water, almond milk, protein powder, peanut butter and frozen banana. 

MRCan you give some tips to those who are starting to build their body? What should they watch out for and how to stay energised?
BSIf you are at the beginning of getting your body back after birth, or simply because you ‘got stuck in a rut’ the first step is food lifestyle. Food is fuel, if you are fuelling your body with poison it will poison you. My biggest tip is eliminating processed sugars from your life, my b.kickstarter ebook contains my best recipes to get your body health back, without the nasty sugars. It contains my highly energising food and drinks with sweet tastes to counteract your sugar craving but totally clean for your body. 

MR: Lastly, do you have any suggestions to other loving mothers who have dedicated their life to their family and find it hard to squeeze time out to exercise?
BS: My biggest tip for gaining optimal health for yourself and family is schedule fitness and clean food into your daily life. 

I have written a b. family schedule planner (contains, food, family fitness & kids fitness) that the entire family can use. The planner can be displayed in the kitchen for all to see. I stick mine onto the pantry door every weekend ready for the week ahead. The entire family is part of the planning and completing and it also helps the kids to understand that life is busy and how to time manage effectively. It keeps everyone on schedule and therefore overall health and happiness is achieved.

Belinda is wearing: Miss Runner Sapphire Sports Bra & matching Sapphire Leggings

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