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Best lightweight sunscreens

With the heat going strong, you've got to up your skin protection game. Sunscreens have always been known to be sticky and greasy, especially when it mixes with sweat. But thanks to recent advancements, there are now plenty of options for lightweight formulas that don't feel anything like the thick, greasy paste from your childhood. Swipe to find out our top sunscreens picks for outdoor active weomen:

Kristy Yuen

A peripatetic with a bottomless pit-of-a-stomach, Kristy is constantly hopping from restaurants to cafes to food stalls wherever her travels take her. As a certified yoga instructor, she loves to spread good vibes through teaching and helping others with their practice. If she’s not bending and twisting on her mat, you can probably find her munching away on chocolate.

social: @yogateak

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