Compression leggings have been dominating the activewear market for a quite awhile, with this feature specifically in high demand in the Runners’ world - but what does it really do for you?   

Compression is commonly known in the physiotherapy world - it is widely used in elastic stockings for patients with blood circulation insufficiency or blood clot issues. With that said, the technology is very much muscle performance-enhanced and recovery-focused. 

 Wearing compression gear gives you a sense of gaining more strength and stability because of the extra pressure - not in a bad stressful way, but in a holding-your-muscle-together way. Compression clothing gives your body better control by providing more support to your muscles, and this support could help achieve better and more precise movements whilst using less energy.

Compression technology is also great for recovery and post-workout. The pressure enhances blood circulation, which helps getting rid of lactic acid and any fluid built up during exercise. This speeds up the process of rebuilding muscles and reduces soreness, which means that your post-leg day fear of walking can be eliminated (unless you go asking for it and work hardcore on those thighs).

There are tons of reasons to love the compression feature in our full range of active leggings. What takes our textile to an even higher level is its moisture-wicking property, meaning it draws moisture out from its non-absorbent fibres to the exterior of the garment. This would help in keeping you dry during and after a workout - let’s just say that drenched in sweat and wet clothes feeling will be gone. Taking your outfit from gym to street has never been easier! 

Shop our compression leggings online now. What’s even better - our fabric is ultra soft, it essentially feels like a second-skin to your body.


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