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Hardcore Spinner // DJ

Eve is wearing Miss Runner Dark Secret Collection: Time Traveller Sports Bra & Time Traveller Leggings
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Quick Chat with Eve

Miss Runner: How long have you been a hard core spinner? Are there any other exercises that you are into apart from this?
Eve: I've been spinning for a year, and on top of that I still jog or hike occasionally. I need to do regular yoga practice though to lengthen my muscles after spinning though so that will be my next focus… I'm just really bad at it right now so I find it a little frustrating and more stressful than rejuvenating! We'll get there though. 

MR: What's your favourite mix/soundtrack to work out to?
Eve: 1. Intoxicated - Martin Solveig & GTA 2. Fester Skank (remix) - Lethal Bizzle ft. Fuse ODG, Chip, Wretch 32, Stormzy 3. 6 God (Thugli Remix) - Drake 4. Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto remix)  - Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto 5. Burial - Pusha T

MRWhat are your must-have travelling items?
Eve: Refillable water bottle on the flight (staying hydrated helps overcoming jet lag), Nike Fly Knits or Adidas superstars to slip on and off at security checks, Emergen-c packets for an immune boost, eye masks and earplugs for a better quality sleep on the plane and Beauty Flash Balm from Clarins as a barrier for my skin.

MR: Can you share a story of your most unforgettable performance experience?
Eve: I recently got back from a trip to Jakarta to DJ for Prada. That was a career highlight for me because the brand is one of my favourites and it's so iconic...How do you top Prada?! 

MRGiven that you normally finish work after midnight, do you crave for any pre or post-work meal?
Eve: It makes me sound like Joey from Friends, but I always crave a sandwich. I start with a gluten free bread because of my gut sensitivities, but then it's pretty much a filling free-for-all. I love anything from pastrami to turkey bacon, tofu, avocado, sauerkraut, tomato, to pickles on my sandwich. I feel like it's the easiest way to get carbs, proteins and fat in one hit.

MR: What's your guilty pleasure dessert?
EveGluten-free chocolate molten cake, green tea mochi or creme brûlée.I used to have a much stronger sweet tooth but my taste buds have definitely changed the last five years. I'll enjoy 1/3 of a desert, maybe i'll eat half but I will only crave it around my time of the month.

MR: What's your most recent favourite trainer?
EveNike Fly Knit, cause they are so light and easy to travel with, plus you can slip them on and off. They are really bendy, so you can squish them into any space in your luggage or gym bag.

Eve is wearing: Miss Runner Time Traveller Sports Bra & matching Time Traveller Leggings

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