5 Steps to Guilt-Free Pizza

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5 steps to guilt-free pizza

We got your back gals. Here's a simple guide to indulge in a healthier version of everyone's favourite munchie so you don't need to feel guilty eating it anymore!

1. Stick to Thin Crust
Carbs give us comfort but if cutting it down a little goes a long way, we are doing it. Get yours in a thin crust to save 100 calories per slice. To go the extra step, order a whole wheat or whole grain crust - they contain more fibres! 

2. Order Tomato Sauce
Want to save 200 calories per slice? Time to skip the high calorie and high-fat sauces like the creamy white sauce that you know you love. Tomato sauce is healthier, and it comes in different variations that you will learn to love it more and more everytime. Try having less dipping sauce to cut down the sauciness too!

3. Cut the Cheese out!
Cheese lovers, sorry to break this to you but doubling your amount of cheese is not the way to go if you are watching your diet. Save 100 calories per slice by ordering half the regular amount of cheese so you can still munch on your cheesy pizza.

4. Get that Extra Veggie
Get your body loaded with nutrients and fibres whilst feeling full! Our go-to favourites are spinach, olives, tomatoes, capsicum and aubergine. What are yours?

5. Limit your meat
If you have to choose, opt or grilled chicken over pepperoni or any of your favourite preserved meat. It is undeniable that fresh meat is better for your body. If you can't cut them out, order half the amount and it's just as good! Now that you got our tips, who's ready for some guilt-free pizzas tonight?


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