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Bikini Competitor // Founder of BYOM

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Quick Chat with Hyomin

Founder of BYOM

Miss Runner: What is your favourite part about being a bikini competitor?
Hyomin:The Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia show is not only my first time being on stage but also my first time ever to be in a bikini! The journey leading up to it and the few days of competition really opened up my eyes and raised my standards to what a good bikini figure should be. So to answer the question, I'd say my favourite part is the epic experience of the show itself but more importantly the growth I achieve from competing both mentally and physically.

MR: We see from your posts that you do different kinds of workouts, can you share with us one of your toughest experience?
H: One of my toughest one would be the preparation for the competition. I was on diet and following a new training program which my prep coach designed for me for 12 weeks. Having to push harder in the gym but being in a calorie deficit tested my discipline and will power to be conditioned for the stage.

MRWhat do you think is your biggest athletic accomplishment so far?
H Starting my outdoor training bootcamp Team BYOM from scratch is something I am really proud of. It provides an opportunity and outdoor environment for fitness enthusiasts to exercise. This is my own project and business I established on my own. As far as personal athletic accomplishments, I would say competing in Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia as a bikini competitor for the first time is my biggest athletic accomplishment. To be able to step on such a big stage alongside many amazing athletes was an honour and great achievement to me.

MR: Can you give us an example of your training routine?
H: I would like to share with you my favourite training day - Leg Day! I usually start warming up on treadmill light jogging for 5 to 10 minutes, then do some dynamic warm ups like jumping jacks, butt kickers, high knees, air squats, bodyweight lunges etc. to make sure my body is fully warmed up. Then, I would pre-exhaust my targeted body part, in this case legs by doing isolation type exercises i.e.: leg extensions, hamstrings curls. Afterwards I would move onto more compound movements like squats, barbells luges, deadlifts etc. Last but not least, I would stretch to cool down the muscles and kickstart the recovery process. As far as training split goes, I usually train 1-2 body parts per day. For example, legs, chest triceps, back biceps, shoulders. I don't have planned rest days; I read my biofeedback. When I feel a rest day is necessary i.e.  losing motivation, feeling overtrained etc. I will take one accordingly. Each major muscle group gets its own day to ensure adequate volume and time under tension put into them.

MRWhat tips can you give to someone who is trying to be a fitness model?
H: Nowadays top physiques are all over the internet and social media. In my opinion, to be a great fitness model you don't only need a killer body but also a unique and charismatic personality to capture people’s hearts. The passion and motivation must be within; to show your raw self to the world. One cannot be the second best version of somebody else, they can only be the best version of themselves. In another words, you need self mastery and to know who you really are. The energy and vibes you give off is what people feel. Feeling and emotion is how people are impacted and not merely just a perfect physique you see through the naked eye. 

Hyomin is wearing: Miss Runner Tsunami Sports Bra 

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