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Quick Chat with Jeena

Miss Runner: Hi Jeena, we’re so excited to be collaborating with a Pop Art artist for the first time! Could you define pop art in your own words?
Jeena: Hello Miss Runner! Thank you for giving me this dope opportunity, I'm really excited to see how it turns out. The way I'd define Pop Art is how I see it, beautiful and retro. It takes you to different eras through the same vibe, whether the Pop Art is drawn futuristically or not, it still has an authentic retro feel to it.

MR: What motivated you to start creating your own artwork?
J: I've been creating art since I was 4 years old, so its always been there with me throughout my life. I began publishing my work about a year ago or so, because of the support I got from friends and family convincing me to, and since then I've been posting all my artworks on my Instagram account @artbyjayr.

MRCan you describe your art creation routine? Does it usually start with sketch or straight on the computer?
J: My art creation routine consists of me drawing the image out on paper, it could be a fully drawn image or the roughest sketch you've ever seen, I will then recreate it digitally. I also take references from photographs of people to perfect it better.

MR: Does your creativity hit in the morning or night? (Morning person vs Night owl?)

 J: It depends on how driven I am to create something, I love going to cafes in the morning to create art so majority of the time its during morning. But sometimes I'll find myself working on a creation till 5am from how driven and inspired I am.

MR: What do you love to snack on while working on your art?
J: I don't think I've ever been able to snack while creating art. So I'd say coffee or tea is my go-to snack when it comes to creating art.

MRWhat is the most challenging part about being a digital media artist?
J: I think the ultimate struggle or challenge that an artist will face is criticism for your work. I believe that art cannot be judged, it is there to be seen in different perspectives by everyone, not to be compared.

MR: Sometimes you’ll create animated videos with your artwork - what inspires you to create them? What is different in your creative mindset for them compared to non-motion art?
J: I like to put life into my images by making them move even the slightest bit, enough to catch your attention. I think that when it comes to motion art, you need to have a certain eye for it, especially when creating it frame by frame. It's difficult trying to perfect a motion image, but what I can say is that you'd need a really patient creative mindset. 

MR: What was your first reaction when you realize Gigi Hadid was liking your photos?
J: My first reaction was that I was absolutely shocked. Not because a celebrity or someone famous had liked my image, but because it made me realize how small the world really is, and that if you listen to your gut and follow the vibes you get from your surroundings you'll make things happen unexpectedly. It makes life interesting and exciting. :)

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