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The health seed 

Meet The Health Seed, Karen Holt!
Karen is wearing Miss Runner Love Collection: Blossom Sports Bra 
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Quick Chat with Karen

Miss Runner: What has been the best part about writing your blog?
Karen Holt: Along the journey I have met the most incredible people through writing my blog. I am so humbled and inspired by the things people are creating, how people are caring for our world or simply sharing with me the meditation practice they now bring into their life. I always feel like I am learning and expanding my consciousness through these wonderful humans.

MR: Can you think of reasons why people should adopt the vegan lifestyle?
KHBringing more plants into your diet will benefit your overall health. I believe that a balanced, wholesome diet that is packed with vegetables, fruit and whole foods that have minimal (or no) processing are jam packed with nutrients that will make your body sing!

Ultimately I think it’s about making more informed choices about what goes into your body so that you can live well, love well and sleep well. These days I am more conscious to my body, more aware of what goes in and how it will make me feel. I believe that the food you eat should give you clarity, energy and vitality.

At the same time I want to do my bit to look after our planet and our beautiful animals. There is a Native American proverb “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children”. When I make choices about my food I always keep this beautiful thought in my mind.

MR: What would be your top tips for someone who wants to transition to a plant-based lifestyle?
KH: Take it slowly if you really want to make a sustainable change in your life. Start with one meal one day per week and then make it one day of the week and slowly build your way up, as you feel more comfortable. Really be present to your body, notice how it makes you feel depending on what you eat. I often reflect on the reasons why I turned to a plant based diet. To start with the reasons were quite selfish – I was getting terrible skin allergies and was looking for a way to improve my skin! But I am grateful that it happened, because as I delved deeper into the information about factory farming and the environmental impact of meat consumption I broadened my mind and now live from a place where I feel at peace both with my food and my skin!

MRHow and where do you usually discover new vegan products?
KHIt’s a super exciting time in Hong Kong – there’s so many new places popping up which cater to a plant based lifestyle. For restaurants my go-to guide is Whilst not always plant based they always write about the latest and greatest veggie offerings in Hong Kong. For products my absolute go-to is online site Berrytime. They take all the guesswork and reading-labels-work out of choosing products.

MR: If you could only eat one meal from your recipes for the rest of your life, what would it be?
KH: Oh! This is so difficult! I would have to say any of the smoothies – they are all super delicious and easy to make, packed with nutrients and the most amazing way to kick start your day. When I start my day with so much goodness I find the rest of the day flows with ease.

Karen is wearing: Miss Runner Blossom Sports Bra 

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