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SupermodelMe Winner 

Meet Katherine Rigby, the winner of SupermodelMe! 
Katherine is wearing Miss Runner Universe Collection: Waken Sports Bra & Waken Leggings
High Impact // Compression // 100% Breathable and Sweat Wicking

Quick Chat with Katherine

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Miss Runner: What was your biggest challenge in the SupermodelMe competition that you haven't predicted?
Katherine Rigby: The biggest challenge was not being able to communicate with my family or friends. During the 2-3 months of competition, me and the girls weren't allowed any cell phones or any interaction with the outside world. It was hard to find someone to talk to as I was really guarded towards the girls in the competition, I kept everything to myself as I didn't want to show any weakness.

MR: Is there any supermodel secret diet?
KR: Haha, not for me! I eat A LOT and I absolutely looooove food. I workout to balance it out and I lift weights at the gym to tone up and build muscle. I'm not looking to be skinny at all and I absolutely do not support this mindset. For me, it's more important to have a healthy lifestyle for a stronger body. You don't need to be stick skinny to look good, abs look better on girls than bones! So as long as you work out and eat healthy (meaning no processed chemical foods like McDonald's, FKC, junk food etc), this is the best diet anyone can have.

MRWhen you're not busy modelling, what is your most recent favourite sport?
KR: Usually I prefer hot yoga, however, I recently discovered how fun Muay Thai is! Although yoga is really meditating but I find that I can relief more stress when I do Muay Thai. With my personality, I prefer a more aggressive sport to really enjoy a good sweat.

MR: What is your must-have travel item?
KR: A must-have travel for me is a pair of sunnies. They're my life and I can't go anywhere without them! I remember one time I dropped my favourite pair of sunnies while I was on a roller coaster and it ruined my mood for the rest of the day.

MRMoving from Hong Kong to Singapore, how's your experience so far?
KR: I love love love Singapore! Comparing Singapore and Hong Kong, Singapore is much cleaner and isn't as overwhelming as Hong Kong. I find Hong Kong too crowded and I get really annoyed walking around town when there are too many people. In Singapore, they really make an effort in making the city greener. I also love the hot weather! I don't do well with cold weather and I always escape the cold by flying to a place where it's warm.

MR: Do you have any wardrobe staples?
KR: Definitely a scarf. As I mentioned before, I'm really scared of the cold. Singapore's air conditioning indoors is really no joke, I can't go anywhere without my scarf.

Katherine is wearing: Miss Runner Waken Sports Bra &
matching Waken Leggings

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