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Personal Trainer// Fitness Model

Dancer// Gymnastics Coach

Quick Chat with Lauren

Miss Runner: What is your usual morning routine?
Alana Tsui
A usual morning for me would be, wake up and have a big glass of water then a double espresso before putting on my workout gear and saying heeelllloooo to exercise! I mix up my workout throughout the week with either a session at home in the living room, a run outdoors, a session at the gym or a session on the oval. All my workouts are similar in that they are all bodyweight workouts but where i do it or what exercises i do always varies. If i don’t have a PT client until a bit later i will then work on blogs, interviews and articles.

MR: What is your dream holiday destination?
AT: Ohhh goodness there are so many aren’t there?!?! I always desire a tropical summer holiday with crystal clear water and lots of outdoor activities. (That's the dream!!) I would probably say….. Bora Bora in one of those incredible bungalows over the water.

MRWhat is your most craved meal right now?
I would absolutely love a tomato based pasta with chorizo and spinach, peas, artichokes and parmesan. (Yuuummmmmmm!)

MR: Do you have a colour preference when choosing sports gear?
AT:  Ohhhh that's a tricky one, because I have so may different colours of sports gear that I love.

I wear different colours when working out. It just makes me happier and more sprightly! I think I will go with blue or deep pink.

MRDo you have a yoga buddy?
AT: Yes! To be honest I haven’t been to many yoga classes. Well, not as many as I would like, but if I do I usually go with my friend Kate. I would love to take my boyfriend to a class one day when we get the chance.

MR: What is your most wanted superpower?
AT: Perhaps a superpower where you can switch off your glutton at convenient times so that I don't have to crave for chocolate like all the time. Either this or the classic invisibility so nobody knows it was me who took all the chocolate in the first place. Hehe, just joking!

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