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Let's run!

At first glance, Hong Kong seems like any other concrete jungle with its sky-high buildings and crowded pavements. Running outside seems almost like an impossible task, with all the people and cars getting in the way every few minutes. Despite all that, Hong Kong actually has a few decent running spots, which are good enough to satisfy the outdoor junkie! Here are our top 5 picks:

Image: Alain Drinksen

West Kowloon Promenade - 2km

Level: 1/5      

Est. time: 15 min  

This easy route overlooks the sparkly Victoria Harbour and is not as crowded as the TST promenade. It is the perfect place to chill after your run and you can enjoy the night breeze too!

Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay - 2.73km

Level: 2/5

Est. time: 20 min

Enjoy the perfect view from running between the two most beautiful beaches in HK. Quench your heat with the shore breeze and take a dip in the water after running! This is your new summer goal!

Image: AFCD Hong Kong

Aberdeen Country Park - 6.5km

Level: 3/5

Est. time: 40 min

If you are looking for an easy trail run, this is the place! This route leads you away from the hectic city centre and straight to the Eden with lots of greenery.

Lamma Island - 7.78km

Level: 4/5

Est. time: 45 min

Escape the city this weekend with and intermediate running route in Lamma Island. This trail consists of winding roads where you can take in the view from every angle and two long staircases for double fat burning effect!

Image: Brooke Chenoweth // Expat Living HK

Tai Mo Shan Country Park - 16.12km

Level: 5/5

Est. time: 1hr 40 min

This route takes you to the highest mountain in HK. A definite challenge to take and a good marathon practice. 


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