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Fashion director // Stylist// Yoga Teacher// Mother

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Quick Chat with Nicole

Miss Runner: Many working class women are finding it hard to balance their lifestyle with work and fitness. As a fashion producer and yoga teacher yourself, what can you suggest for them?
Nicole Adolphe: Always start the day with exercise before you get into the working day. You'll often make an excuse not to do it later or get too busy. Make the form of exercise something you love, once again otherwise you will find a reason not to do it. I love walking as it clears my head and I can do it everyday without feeling too sore to walk the next day. It also clears my head and gets the creative juices flowing. Plus i have a 3 year old so I push him in the pram. I also suggest any form of yoga for toning and strength as well as mental fitness. At the moment I am super busy with work but I found that joining a gym close to work was the only way I could exercise during the day at lunchtimes - I plan to start that again. When I travel, which is a lot for work. I always seek out the hotel gym or airport gym or look for a yoga class in the area. Yoga is a good way to get some extra energy so even if you feel tired I suggest doing it. 

MR: Can you describe your normal day to us?
Always a 5.50am alarm, coffee from my fave coffee shop and an outside morning walk before work. I live at Bondi so I do the coastal walk. Then I'll work 9-5.30 either in the office or on a photo shoot for work, often in summer the shoots begin at 5am so I miss my morning walk but then I will aim to exercise in the evening. Work is styling clothes, meetings, emails, seeing new product ranges and model castings. On weekends I will do a yoga class and surf both days. 

MRWhat is your guilty pleasure dessert?
NA: Anything salted caramel or I love a McDonald's caramel Sundae =P

MR: Do you have a secret weapon to burn off from a long lazy weekend?
NA: Hot yoga and try to locate the hardest class possible.

MRDo you have a goal to achieve this year?
NA:I'd love to get amazing ABS which is tricky once you've had a baby so my aim is to try and do more ab work. So planning into my day that extra ten minutes of ab work. Also more time for me to relax and not get caught up on social media! Turn the phone off at night is the goal for at least two hours. 

MR: Lastly, among all the amazing places you have travelled to, can you share a memorable story with us?
NA: Surfing in morocco was amazing. I heard about a yoga and surfing retreat and went by myself on a whim and it was an amazing experience. When I say surfing.... I was almost a beginner at that stage but I just loved the thrill of trying. I was out of my league but it was a fantastic experience.I also once went on a camping safari in the Serengeti in Africa. Outside in nature just magic and a once in a lifetime. I recommend travelling as much as possible. I try and travel somewhere new each month even if it's just driving an hour down the coast for a day. It gives you a new perspective on life. 

Nicole is wearing: Miss Runner Sapphire Sports bra & matching Sapphire Leggings 

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