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Partner workouts

It goes without saying that working out with a partner is definitely more exciting than working out by yourself. Studies have shown that exercising with a partner has more benefits than just doing it solo. partner workouts not only improves your relationships, but can also help you achieve better results! Communication is definitely the key to this, so try to talk to each other while you workout. 

Rhiann, a certified AcroFit and AcroYoga instructor, will be giving us a few moves to try! So grab your partner and start moving!

Counter Balance Squats

  1. Stand face to face with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Dude grip to connect your right arms, then bend your knees into a squat.
  3. Keep your arms straight, back straight, and lean back.
  4. Go back to standing and switch to your left arms. Repeat again. 


  1. Stand back to back and hook your elbows.
  2. Take a step forward, feet hip width apart. 
  3. Keeping your shoulders and hips connected, move up and down like a elevator.

Chi Bounces

  1. Stand face to face, feet hip width apart.
  2. Measure your distance with straight arms, then take a step back.
  3. Keeping your body tight as if you're in plank pose, one of you will bend your arms to do a pushup. 
  4. Take turns doing pushups. For a challenge, the both of you can try to do pushups at the same time.

Roll High Ten

  1. Sit face to face with your knees bent. 
  2. Roll backwards then forward. From there, jump up and give your partner a double high-5 in the air.
  3. Calibrate good timing with your friend.

If you're unsure of what to do, watch this video below demonstrating the 4 moves above.

Special thanks to Rhiann Suen

Written by Kristy Yuen


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