Freelance Fashion Stylist // Model
Artist // Social Media Influencer

We're stoked to have a chance to interview Alana, major KPI and bae from New Zealand based in Hong Kong.
Alana wearing Miss Runner Beyond Boundaries Collection: Dear Earth Sports Bra & Dear Earth Leggings
Medium Impact // Compression // 100% Breathable and Sweat Wicking

Quick Chat with Alana

Being active, Future of activewear industry, Creative process

Miss Runner: As a leading stylist, artist, and fashion influencer, where do you look for inspirations for your creative work such as your artwork and styling jobs? 
Alana Tsui: I can find inspirations anywhere and anytime, inspirations come from everything that I see around me, whether it's through travelling, a film or even a crazy party! It's all about how I look at it in a creative way to make it pop and see if it can somehow work as a feature or element for the projects I am working on at the time.

MR: Can you tell us about your fitness journey? Were you always an active person from a young age?
AT: I have always been very very active from a young age. Growing up in New Zealand with such an amazing outdoor environment, I was always running around outside on the grass barefoot or going to beaches. Other than doing lots of sports in school, even after school and in the weekends, I would be outside playing with my neighbours in our cul-de-sac, such as roller blading, biking, water slides, or team cricket etc. That has really build up the athletic looking body I have today which I am very grateful for, as I only workout for 50 mins twice a week nowadays doing cardio and light weights for toning.

MRWhat is your go-to music genre that would just take your mind of everything while working out? Any song recommendations?
AT: Music wise that gets me up and pumping is Hip Hop! No song recommendations because my choice of song is always changing but anything with a good beat can also easily hit the spot for me! 

MR: Can you tell us your top 3 considerations when choosing a sportswear item?
AT: 1. Bands around the waist and ribs must not be too tight so it doesn't cut into my skin. // 2. The material is very important, needs to be breathable. I try to avoid polyester as it gets very stuffy. // 3. Lastly, the design is very important. It has to look good on so I feel comfortable wearing it!

MRWhat are your top 5 workout wardrobe staples?
AT: Good supportive sports bra, shoes, and compression tights. That's it really, it's all I need :)

MR: What do you think is going to be the next big change in the activewear industry?
AT: The activewear industry is growing more than ever and I am sure it will keep changing and improving, with that said, I think technology in terms of the fabric structure will be a big part of the future activewear movement.

MR: Last question to wrap up this exclusive feature, if you are to try out at Olympics, which sports would you go for?
AT: Haha, never thought of this but if I have to choose, I would be... a trampolinist? I am pretty bouncy normally already.

Alana wearing: Miss Runner Dear Earth Sports Bra &
matching Dear Earth Leggings

See more of Alana's professional styling and artwork on www.alanatsui.com
Source: Art Mural on alanatsui.com

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