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Staying fit and healthy

Miss Runner: What are some healthy snacks we could find stashed in your handbag?
Rebecca Louise:I am always on-the-go and it is important to be prepared if you have a busy day ahead of you. Snacking often is important to keep your metabolism going. As long as you are snacking on the right food of course! I like to carry around almonds which are a great source of protein and easy for a handbag snack. I have to admit, along with my bag I have a cooler I take with me everywhere that I stock up for the day! In there for my snacks, I have greek yogurt and my favourite, ants on a log (snack made by spreading cream cheese or peanut butter or almond butter on celery and placing raisins on top)! Normally though I am just dipping the celery into the almond butter jar rather than individually putting the raisins on it!

MR: What is your biggest food temptation or indulgence?
RL: My biggest weakness is that I do have a thing for mint M&M’s so I would have to say, over anything there is no stopping me eating those! I am always more tempted at the movie theatre. Watching a film with a family size bag of mint M&M’s that have my name on only! When I go grocery shopping I don't buy sweets, chocolate or crisps so I don't have them in the house. Just getting into the habit of not buying the unhealthy things at the grocery and just having them as a treat when I go out helps me balance everything in moderation.

MRHow do you motivate yourself on those mornings when you just want to stay in bed?
RL: Sometimes it's hard to make that decision in the morning to get out of bed especially if you have just had a busy day. What motivates me is that I love what I do and the people I work with. I have to get out of bed because people need me! I run an international business with coaches all over the globe which means with all the time zones, someone is always up wanting a question answered. I believe that finding something you are passionate about will drive you each day and as soon as your eyes open in the morning you have a sudden urge to get up and get the day going!

MR: You have the killer abs that we are all jealous of. Do you have any tricks to make your abs pop when you want to get bikini ready quickly for a vacation or photo/video shoot?
RL: My philosophy is that 80% of what you look and feel like is down to the food you eat and 20% is in the exercise. If you are serious about getting abs then you must take your nutrition seriously. I find that using sports nutrition supplements like a pre and post workout enhance my performance and results. You cannot get the same benefits from food and if you want to look and train like an athlete you have to do the same. We all use some sort of sports nutrition to help with training, the recovery and most importantly the results. When it comes to exercise, I will increase the ab workouts I do leading up to the event as well as some additional hot yoga.

MRWhat would be your message to those women who have yet to start on their active journey?
RL: You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. This is one of my favourite quotes and just tells us that we all started somewhere. It really doesn't matter where you start, the point is that you do. Waiting for something good to happen is a passive approach and unfortunately will not get you what you want. You really have nothing to lose by getting started. Remember you can never fail at something as long as you don't give up! Find someone that you trust and will be your accountability partner to help you with your journey. Always surround yourself with positive people and if someone comes at you with negating just say thank you for your concern and if you would like to support me great and if not i would kindly ask you to refrain form giving me your opinion. There are so many of us positive people out there, just hold onto us and you will have an amazing journey. You will feel better about you by being active and the only regrets we have in life are the chances we don't take. Go for it and you wont look back!

Rebecca is wearing: Miss Runner Palm Day Sports Bra &
Time Traveller Leggings

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