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Bodybuilder// Bikini Champ

Meet this Badass Bodybuilder and Bikini Champ from Singapore! 
Regina is wearing Miss Runner Universe Collection: Waken Sports Bra & Waken Leggings 
High Impact // Compression // 100% Breathable and Sweat Wicking

Quick Chat with Regina

Training hard and inspiring others

Miss Runner: When did you pick up your passion for fitness?
Regina Tan: I picked up my passion for fitness about 3 years ago. Started with strong lifting as I wanted to disprove the stereotype that girls are weaker, and I absolutely fell in love with fitness since then!

MR:  What would you say is your biggest challenge with fitness?
RT: My biggest challenge for fitness would be to overcome the mentality that results happens overnight. I have bad days where I would feel discouraged not seeing results, but then I would go to the gym and still follow my plan and trust that my determination and discipline would yield results, and it did!

MRCan you tell us your ideal meal plan for a day in your life? What would be your ultimate cheat meal?
RT: My ideal meal plan would be lots of 6 small meals so that I won't get hungry at any time of the day (because I normally get hungry in about 90 mins or so!) My ultimate cheat meal would be a BIG burger, filled with a few beef patties, melted cheese, bacon, and fries! Sounds awesome, doesn't it?!

MR: What is your favourite pair of trainers?
RT: My favourite pair of trainers would be converse for legs day and Nike run for most of my workouts! I absolutely love NIKE's stuff!

MRWhat is your next goal? How will you prepare for it?
RT : My next goal would be to be the youngest in Singapore to get an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) pro card, hopefully in 2 or 3 years, before I'm 24 for sure!!! Apart from going to the gym, I will need to train how to do the correct posing. It may sound funny, but posing is actually the key! Even if you have a nice body but you can't pose to show them off, it doesn't count!

For my ultimate goal, it would be to reach out and help as many people as I can to reach their fitness goals and I hope that I can continue to inspire more people!

MR :  Which part of muscles is the hardest to train for you?
RT : For me, the hardest part to train would be the shoulders. My shoulders have always been my weakest part and I hated training them and have been neglecting them since I started training, but because of this IFBB competition, I had to bring my shoulders up. So it was tough for me because girls naturally have a smaller frame and to train them to be rounded delts are absolutely hard!

Regina wearing: Miss Runner  Waken Sports Bra &
matching Waken Leggings

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