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Shayelle is wearing Miss Runner Bloom Collection: Snow Petal Sports Bra & Snow Petal Leggings
Medium Impact // Compression // 100% Breathable and Sweat Wicking

Quick Chat with Shayelle

Miss Runner: Have you always ben crazily active ever since you were a little kid?
Shayelle: I definitely had way too much energy growing up, my parents would put me through hours and hours of dance classes and I'd still come home with more than enough energy to play games in the pool late into the night (looking back those games make no logical sense whatsoever) and skateboard on my belly, since on my feet was considered way too dangerous, even though my braid got caught in the tracks one time and I sure copped a face full of gravel and some decent battle wounds.

MR: Do you have a favourite place to surf?
Shayelle: Yes! Bingin, near Uluwatu in Bali. My desire surf destination would be the Mentawais for sure, but I have heard Samoa has some hidden gems, so that would be next on the list. 

MRWhen you are back home, how do you kick-start your morning? Can you describe a normal day of you to us?
Shayelle: I throw down a pretty big breakfast made up of oats, seeds, fruit and coconut water. Head to a yoga class, grab a green smoothie and check the surf. Have a surf, if not I tend to find someone to grab a tea with (don't drink coffee) then off to work, and in the summer if I finish early enough, a sunset surf is always on the cards !! Winter - gym followed by laps in the heated pool or sauna ..

MR: Do you have a new goal to achieve this year?
Shayelle: Yes!! Big one, possibly move overseas and try something I've never done before. Seems tricky but should be interesting and will certainly keep me on my toes! I feel the need to grow (I'm not talking about physically, however that would be great seeing as though I'm lacking a few inches) so being out of my comfort zone should create the perfect environment for that!

MRCan you give a piece of advice to those who are starting to build their body?
Shayelle:Rome wasn't built in a day, and your body won't change in one either ! Give it patience, realistic goals, don't be too strict, find an outlet that is not only great exercise but also something you enjoy and do it with a friend or team. Remember though, it's easy to workout 1hr of the day, but what's important is how you treat your body in the other 23. (Sleep & food intake!). Also, talk to people about their journey, every person has met a different bump in the road and talking to them just might help you achieve your goals easier.

MR: Can you describe your desired dinner date as well as your dream holiday location?
ShayelleA surprise. An afternoon surf.Followed by a sunset picnic.The food is there but we still have to prepare it.. Mexican style.. Or perhaps sushi..Plus tonnes of chocolate (cheat meals are best saved for dates!) Then an outdoor movie surrounded in fairy lights, bean bags and ..more chocolate (Girls gotta dream right?!) My most wanted holiday destination, right now, would be a toss up between California and Norway! (For two completely different reasons).Cali for the surf culture and I've just always been curious as to what it's like..Norway in the winter, I'd camp out until I finally got to see the northern lights 

Shayelle is wearing: Miss Runner Snow Petal Sports Bra & matching Snow Petal Leggings

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