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Dancer // I Am Concepts Artist Director

Based in Hong Kong and New York City, I Am Concepts is a creative agency that empowers and supports all female collective. Our brand ambassador Siobhan Dumigan, I Am Concepts' artist director, is going to tell us more about her daily routine, inspirations and views on activewear.  

Quick Chat with Siobhan

Miss Runner: What motivated you to be a part of I Am Concepts?
Siobhan Dumigan
I met Kate March Founder/ Director of I AM Concepts when I first moved back to Hong Kong four years ago. Kate hired me to perform in one of I AM Concepts first shows in Hong Kong "An Evening of Meat " at Blue Butchers in 2013. Working with Kate completely blew my mind. I was pushed out of my comfort zone as a performer and was rewarded with the freedom of expression that I had been craving. She completely changed the performer/ audience relationship, making it an intimate, unique and unforgettable experience for both parties.

Our friendship has grown and blossomed since then. I danced and performed project based for I AM Concepts, as I developed myself as a fitness professional in the past four years. During this time, Kate fought to make her dreams of taking I AM Concepts global come true. All the hard work paid off and it finally happened late last year.

When Kate asked me if I would take the position of Artist Director of I AM Concepts in Asia, I was thrilled. Kate inspires me like no other, so I would say she motivated me to be a part of I AM Concepts, just by being unapologetically, fearlessly and authentically herself.

MR: Could you describe a day of life as the Artistic Director of I Am?
I always start my day by doing a workout at JAB. Love those guys, they keep me grounded. Then it all depends on what projects we have going on. It could be from anything to a full day of meetings, writing proposals to finding costumes, rehearsing and performing. I have learnt to be very good at multi-tasking.

MRHow is it different, and how do you like it compared to previously being a fitness instructor?
SD: I love being a fitness instructor, I still have 4 clients that have stuck with me since the beginning. I love seeing their progress and I love learning new things about the mind, body and spirit. That is just one side of me though. I am a creative person and when I am not using those energies I feel trapped and frustrated. I feel free and balanced now.

MR: Where do you find inspiration for I Am's performances?
SD: My inspiration comes from many different places. Here are a few examples:

Nature - Sunsets, the moon, the movement of the ocean
Emotions - Heartbreak, romantic love, internal struggles
Music - The lyrics, the mood, a particular beat or rhythm
Space - Every space has a character and a story waiting to be told

I am an emotive person so most of the time my inspiration will come from how something makes me feel. Kate and I always bounce ideas off each other, so she is a big part of my creative process.

MRWhat is the most effective nutrition routine for you?
SD: I LOVE food. I usually will have a smoothie for breakfast, then grab a salad from Fresca, Mana or SupaFood for Lunch. When I have dinner at home its rice and veg. When I'm out it will be a vegetarian option. Most effective nutrition routine for me is to eat fresh and drink plenty of water.

MR: Tell us your top 3 considerations when looking for activewear.
SD: 1. Flatters my body shape 2. Flexible and free for me to move however I want 3. Comfortable and breaths

MR: What are 3 staple pieces in your activewear wardrobe?
SD:1Miss Runner Sports Bras 2. Black Leggings 3. Comfy sports thongs

MR: If you would have to choose one yoga pose for life, which one would it be and why?

SDHeart Opening cause we could all do with more love flow.

Siobhan is wearing: Miss Runner Vega Warrior Sports Bra &
matching Vega Dancers Leggings

Connect with Siobhan on Instagram & on IAMConcepts

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