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Meet our founder tania cheung

Quick Chat with Tania

Miss Runner: What inspired to create an activewear collection? 
Tania Cheung: I have always been active and I am into all kind of sports. I'd like to dress up nicely to all occasion including the time when I feel like I want to sweat my ass off. However, I have been shopping around (on and off-line), and I find it troublesome searching for nice design work-out clothes for the budget that I can afford. I have a medium spending habit which is in between High Street, where I can only find unbreathable materials/bad cuttings and Top-end where it's just way out of my budgets. I went on and spoke to female friends of mine and they all have the same problems! This is how I felt the need in creating a beautifully printed activewear line. (In a happy face price point of course!)

MR: An activewear collection with UV / fluorescent ink is quite unique, what made you make this decision? 
TC: My thought is to create a line of sports clothing that is diversity enough to fit customers from day to night. I have always love the lighting effects they have in clubs and I thought why not create prints that would looks stunning under UV lights. Thats why I included fluorescent printing in my collection and I am very satisfied with the final outcomes.

MRHow did you come up with the idea to base the collection about fairytales? 
TC: As a kid, I spend every night reading bed time stories in order to fall asleep. After seeing Sophie's work on her Instagram, I felt this would be a perfect fit as her unique style of drawing is designated for fairytales. When I proposed to her, she absolutely loved the idea and the drawings are great! It is like piecing the pictures in your head where you have while reading a story!

MR: Throughout the whole process of creating this collection what was your favourite memory? 
TC: The best moment is watching how Sophie and My Shoelace set glow under UV lights for the first time! If anyone sees it, they will go crazy too I am sure.

MRWhat are you most looking forward to with this collection? 
TC: I am looking forward to see how other ladies would interpret their own styles into this active range. My concept for this collection is not just for working-out, you can wear it while shopping or going to a nice high-tea because the material is so soft that it feels like second skin to you. Who wouldn't enjoy wearing something super comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Aside from this, I would also like to see how my designs had inspires others to work-out more/sweat in style!


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