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hot travel gems in 2018 that'll make you want to pack your bag now

Travelling during the summer holidays can be such a hassle; there's always the summer crowd that'll be occupying the same beach as you. If you're more of a chill, laid-back person trying to find some peace and quiet, look no further. We've scoured the net for these hidden travel gems that will give you an Insta-worthy photo without the usual tourist crowd in the background.

Marble Caves, Chile

Image: Don't Complain Travel

Image: Business Insider

Carved by nature, these marble marvels can be found in the Patagonian Andes in Chile. This peninsula of marble is the result of over 6,000 years of water currents eroding away at the limestone rocks and is only accessible by boat. The smooth formations aren't always blue though; it changes colour every year depending on the water levels that reflect its light. 

Lošinj, Croatia

Image: Apartmani Laura

Tourists are often deterred by the obscure journey to get to Lošinj - which makes this island the perfect summer getaway. This small island, measuring 20 by 2 miles wide, is big on wellness and the Mediterranean way of life. The island is scattered with spas and therapy centres, which explains why the locals all look healthy and young. Lošinj also boasts uncrowded beaches - which is rare in Croatia!

Silba, Croatia

Image: National Geographic

image: Total Croatia News

Silba is another small Croatian island just south-west of Lošinj. It covers approximately 15 square kilometres and is filled with small beaches and bays. Take a dip in crystal clear waters and enjoy the views that Silba has to offer. For those who enjoy walking, this the place to be; Silba is a pedestrianised island, meaning that vehicles are banned.

Gozo, Malta

Image: Holidayguru

Image: GUCKI

A quaint little island accessible by a 25 minute ferry ride from Malta, Gozo is one of the lesser known islands in the Mediterranean. This tranquil place gives you an escape from the hectic city life, and is always quiet on the waterfront. At just 8 miles long and 4 miles wide, you can pretty much cover everything on the island by walking around. The island is home to a mish-mash of Greek and Italian culture, from the architecture to their cuisine. 

Efate, Vanuatu


Image: TravelOnline

Efate is one of the few islands that make up the Republic of Vanuatu. This island hosts a fusion of Melanesian, European, and Asian cultures. Often described as a small cosmopolitan town, the island offers a good mix of street markets and outdoor activities. You won't be bored with their range of rugged coastlines and sandy beaches.

Kristy Yuen

A peripatetic with a bottomless pit-of-a-stomach, Kristy is constantly hopping from restaurants to cafes to food stalls wherever her travels take her. As a certified yoga instructor, she loves to spread good vibes through teaching and helping others with their practice. If she’s not bending and twisting on her mat, you can probably find her munching away on chocolate.

social: @yogateak

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