Victoria's Secret Angels Workout

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victoria's secret angels workout

We're revealing the VS Angels' workout routine for you! Just in time to get that summer body!

Side Leg Lifts   25 reps/side

Benefits: Tones your inner thighs

Try to lift your leg as high as possible and hold it for 2 breaths before bringing it back down. 

Lunges  20 reps/side

Benefits: Strengthens your glutes and thighs

Step one foot forward and bend your knees to get down. Make sure your hind knee doesn't touch the floor. 

Plie Squats   30 reps

Benefits: Targets your glutes and inner thighs

Stand in a wide stance with your feet 2 greater than hip width apart. Try to point your toes outwards, away from your body. Make sure you don't arch your back when you squat.

Mountain Climbers   30 reps

Benefits: Trains your agility and core strength

In plank position, bring your right knee up as close to your chest as possible. Then switch sides. 


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