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Workout Beauty Hacks

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workout beauty hacks

The struggle is real! Working out in the heat can be such a pain! Here are 3 workout beauty hacks to save your skin from all that damage. 

Breaking out

Before: Wash your face before working out and go bare faced if possible!

During: Wear a sweatband to prevent sweat and excess oil from your hair from reaching your face.

After: Always wash your face immediately after exercising. Clear up your breakout by cleansing with a salicylic acid-based cleanser. Invest in a pair of loofah gloves and use it with your face wash to unclog your pores.


Make sure your sneakers aren't too loose, as the constant shifting of your foot inside the shoe will inevitably lead to blisters. Try adhering moleskin or soft bandages to areas that are blister prone, this will reduce the friction between your feet and shoes.


Avoid the peak UV hours of 10 am to 4 pm and apply your sweat-resistant sunscreen 30 minutes beforehand. Try to consume Omega-3 fish oils, as its been shown to protect your skin from sun damage and bolster immunity from the sun.

Written by Kristy Yuen


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