3 cancer-fighting foods you need to start eating

14 October, 2017 

Up Your Smoothie Game With These Super Ingredients - Miss Runner Blog

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Watching your diet is not only for weight and cholesterol reasons, but foods you consume actually contributes 30-40% of all cancers. It has been found that no particular diet can entirely prevent you from getting breast cancer; however, consuming certain foods can reduce the risk and strengthen your immune system - which is always good.

Research has shown that food grown organically can protect our bodies against unhealthy cell changes associated with the use of pesticides, which can lower the risk of cancer. Monitoring high-fat diets can not only prevent obesity, but also the risk of breast cancer. It has been found that extra fat cells produce estrogen, which can potentially boost the growth of the cells in breast tissues.

Here are a few foods that will help lower the risk of breast cancer:

1. Broccoli

This dark green vegetable that goes well with almost any dish contains a compound called Sulforaphane, which can reduce the amount of breast cancer stem cells. Keep the vegetable lightly cooked by stir-frying or steaming instead of boiling can avoid Sulforaphane being destroyed.

Up Your Smoothie Game With These Super Ingredients - Miss Runner Blog

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2. Brazil Nuts

Packed with selenium, dietary fibres and phytochemical compounds, Brazil nuts are great for boosting the immune system whilst preventing the tumour growth. These anti-cancer nuts are small but filling, keep a few in the snack compartment in your bag - entirely guilt-free snacks when hunger strikes!

Breast Cancer Fighting Foods You Need To Start Eeating

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3. Garlic

This aromatic ingredient is essential to most dishes, especially if you are cooking up some Indian cuisine. Garlic contains a compound called allium, which is found to be cancer-fighting. In fact, onions, scallions and chives are also found to have similar properties, which help to slow down the growth of tumour and prevent the risk of breast cancer.

Up Your Smoothie Game With These Super Ingredients - Miss Runner Blog

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Other than keeping a balanced diet, exercising is also a key to maintaining good health. Check out our workout routine that you can do in your pjs (lazy girls alert!).

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