3 Hiking Spots To Explore This Weekend

3 September, 2017 

Hiking Spots To Explore This Weekend - Miss Runner Blog

The hiking trend has taken Hong Kong-ers by storm the past year - well, why wouldn’t it? Only 30 minutes (or less) away from the hustle and bustle city scenes, you can easily escape to the nature this city has to offer - better air, breathtaking views, and guaranteed good vibes as a group workout. We have rounded up three routes that are convenient to travel to, yet far enough to be away from the concrete jungle - have a scroll and get some ideas for the weekend!

Sheung Luk Stream

Sai Kung is a hiker’s favourite gem because of its amazing landscape and tranquility. Fancy taking a dip in cold water or cliff jumping? The Sheung Luk Stream located in Sai Kung Country Park is ideal for stream lovers and adventurers. There is a nice hangout spot around the big circular pool where you can take in the beautiful scenery after a refreshing dip. There are multiple routes with various levels of difficulty that leads to the stream, so make sure to Google which track suits you and your crew best to avoid disappointment.

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Image: CNN

High Junk Peak

As one of the highest peaks in Hong Kong, High Junk Peak is not a difficult trail but it does take a little persistence. Along the route, you can spot buildings and skyscrapers from afar whilst enjoying the breathtaking natural landscape on the other side. The route is easy to navigate around and contains about 30% concrete pavement, where the rest are natural footpaths. The trail takes about 4 hours in total, so stay hydrated and start early to avoid a pitch black adventure!

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Image: Hong Kong Hikers

Lamma Island Trail

This little island is only a 30-minute commute away from the city centre and is great for a quick getaway. Lamma is popular for its amazing gourmet and good vibes. The entire trail is paved with no climbing required, which makes it perfect for beginners and family groups. On a nice day out, you can take a quick 20-minute walk up to the Lamma wind turbines. Tip: Don’t miss getting on the trail during sunset hours to catch the sublime sunset scenery - you can also reward yourself to a seafood feast after!

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Image: Expat Living

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Hiking Spots To Explore This Weekend - Miss Runner Blog

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