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3 Mindfulness techniques to improve your workout

1 September, 2017 

Mindfulness Techniques To Improve Your Workout - Miss Runner Blog

Mindfulness practices such as yoga and the Chinese chi gong have been around for centuries. The definition of mindfulness varies to different people, but it always circles around the concept of full awareness and clear intentions to connect the mind and body. 

If you have a regular meditation practice, this concept is no stranger to you. However, mindfulness does not only apply to meditation or yoga practices, it can be applied to many other aspects - such as painting, eating and exercising.

1. Set your intention before you work out 

The intention is something that made you start this work out in the first place. It can be a goal, or a simple feeling you want to achieve - like releasing stress and feeling liberated. As the purpose is set, you can always go back to your intention when the workout gets tough and be reminded what you’re doing it for.

2. Don’t compare 

Comparing yourself with other peeps in the cycling class or the trainer in that YouTube video can be stressful. When you are exercising, try to stay aware of how your body is feeling - where is the pain? Which part of your body is the least flexible? Which set of workouts do you enjoy the most? These are all questions that can help you understand yourself and your body more, so you can make adjustments for your next session.

3. Focus on the breathing 

The most powerful tool for practising mindfulness and dealing with stress is the breath. Breathing can bring you back to the present moment when your mind wanders during your workout. When the burn starts to kick in and the feels of giving up is surging in, slow down for a few seconds and bring your breath back to a steady rate. It allows you to connect with you body again, so you can understand what makes you feel good. 

Being mindful during exercising supports your physical body to open up and expand more easily. Workouts are repetitive and mundane at times, but signifying the consciousness can make you see the benefits of each movement and beyond.

Mindfulness Technique To Improve Workout - Miss Runner Blog

Kaitlyn Chiu

Digital marketer, product developer and unapologetic hoarder of clean beauty products. When she’s not busy whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, she can be found meditating on her mat, booking the next flight or binge watching sitcoms all day long. Side note, very much obsessed with curry, plants and cozy jumpers (her uniform in London but became unpractical in LA).

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