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4 Tips for how to sleep better tonight

9 September, 2017 

Better Sleep Tips - Miss Runner Blog

Ever felt like that afternoon pick-me-up nap was better than your sleep last night? Ever wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve never slept but you’ve certainly got 9 hours in already? Good that you noticed that, and we need to change it up. Good sleep is about both quantity and quality. Our goal here is to fall asleep quicker, so no more tossing and turning for two hours.

1. Try aromatherapy in the bedroom

Scents are great for generating a soothing environment or mood. Lavender has been used in products for years for improving sleep, from candles to aroma diffusers to shower gels. Cult beauty brands have also discovered new recipes with blends of essential oils and herbs to create the perfect pillow spray. Not a fan of mixed scents? Stick to the good old aroma burner and throw in a few drops of essential oil before bed to relax and unwind.

Better Sleep Tips - Miss Runner Blog

Image: Alibaba

2. Visualise calming imageries

Visualisation is a great hack to staying calm and avoid getting provoked. Similar technique can be used when you hit the hay and about to get the rest that you’ve been waiting for. Thoughts within our heads tend to be a lot more melancholic when we are about to turn in - reflections on our behaviours, anxieties for tomorrow’s tasks, catastrophic thoughts regarding our own futures… the list goes on. Visualising calming scenes unfolding in front of you can stop you from diving further into your negativity black hole and welcomes you to a soothing, relaxing mind.

Better Sleep Tips - Miss Runner Blog

Image: Homebam

3. Dive into calming reads before bed

Calming reads can be anything that is not opinionated, political or emotional, such as self development centric non-fictions or enlightening humorous materials. Coffee table books that are more visual-focus are great for bedtime as well, as they are easy to look at and less likely to evoke strong emotions.

Better Sleep Tips - Miss Runner Blog

Image: Net Doctor

4. Cut down the liquid intake before bed

Those midnight trips to the bathroom are never fun - waking up in the middle of the night, struggle to get off bed, urge to hold until the morning... remembering your bladder’s health is important, sprint to the bathroom and back. Probably not ideal for a good sleep goal. Try not to drink a full glass of water 30 minutes before bed, or adjust according to the metabolism of your body. Your sleepy self will thank you.

Better Sleep Tips - Miss Runner Blog

Image: Amara

Lastly, do not stress out about getting those Z’s. The more you think about getting a full 8-hour snooze, the more pressure you are giving to your subconscious self. Lie down, relax, take steady breaths, and drift into a good night sleep!

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