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creative behind universe and gemology collections ' VEGA print: GROUND ELEMENTS x PHILOSOPHY x activewear, meet ari weinkle 

August, 2016

Vega Print Collaborated by Ari Weinkle

Miss Runner: There are many forms and genres of art. Why are you particularly interested in abstract digital arts?

Ari Weinkle: Because there are very few limitations to what you can create. It's also a constantly evolving art form with new tools and techniques constantly becoming available.

MR: How would you describe your arts in one word? Do they reflect you as a person?

AW: Weird! Yes, to some degree.

MR: How is your work now different from your early works and what drove such a change?

AW: I used to be obsessed with using only one tool to create. Over time, that changed. I realized it's important to experiment and try different things and find the best tool for what you're trying to express.

MR: Can you tell us something about orbs? What is the idea behind this project and what inspired you into this?

AW: This series was inspired by the work of Lucretius, a Roman poet and philosopher. I was reading The Nature of Things, and stumbled on a quote which inspired the series."Matter, atoms, generative bodies, elements and seeds, And first beginnings since it is from these that all proceeds"

Source: Original Artwork owned and created by Jeena Ragheb (Instagram @artbyjayr)

MR: We heard that you are a haiku lover, could you share with us your favourite haiku or one that you wrote?

AW: My favorite haiku is by Matsuo Basho – To talk casually / About an iris flower / Is one of the great pleasures / of the wandering journey.

MR: Which artistic figure has the greatest influence on you as an artist?

AW: That's a tough one! If I had to pick one, I'd say Wassily Kandinsky.

MR: What kind of sports would you recommend for people when they stumble upon a creative block?

AW: Hiking and biking are both excellent for this. Walks in nature provide are a great way to clear your thoughts.

MR: Since you two are workout buddies, what sort of exercises do you help each other with?

AW: Meditation allows you to approach all aspects of your life with a greater focus.

MR: Goal for the new year?

AW: Be inspired by everything. Experiment more!

Check out and follow Ari Weinkle's art on his Insta.

Kaitlyn Chiu

Digital marketer, product developer and unapologetic hoarder of clean beauty products. When she’s not busy whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, she can be found meditating on her mat, booking the next flight or binge watching sitcoms all day long. Side note, very much obsessed with curry, plants and cozy jumpers (her uniform in London but became unpractical in LA).

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