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Behind the prints - veronica, the print inspired by movement & strength

January, 2018

Veronica Print Collaborated with Hannah Croteau

Miss Runner: What are your inspirations when creating this particular painting? 

Hannah Croteau: My Inspiration was one word "Movement". When I think of fitness and the sports I love, Movement is the basis of everything. We have to understand the movements that are required to improve, to challenge, and to better yourself in order to reach your goal. 

MR: What are your creative process when creating this painting? 

HC: First deciding on color, then listening to some good music and letting the painting take over. I create until I am pleased. I think of the women wearing this art and want to create a piece that shows dynamic movement, contrast, boldness and strength. 

MR: What does this print mean? What messages are portray from this painting? 

HC: This Print to me means Strength. I want anyone wearing this to feel strong and confident. Knowing that even when there is a challenge that they must overcome they can do anything they set their minds to. 

MR: 3 words you'd use to describe this print 

HC: Movement, strength, grace 

MR: What are your feelings / How do you find Veronica on the new sports bra style and lace up leggings?

HC: I Love this design. I think it fully encompasses beauty and functionality to the max. 

MR: What are your views on women empowerment? 

HC: I believe women are incredible and can do whatever whatever they set their minds to do. 

MR: What are your go-to sports/workouts that makes you feel strong and confident?

HC: I am an AVID Rockclimber. I have been climbing for about 10 years and hope I climb for the rest of my life. I love the challenges it brings, the satisfaction you get from completing a hard climb and the amazing places you see around the world when climbing. I am also a Pilates instructor and love doing HIIT workouts. 

MR: What is your workout motto?

HC: You can do anything you set your mind to. 

MR: What are your first thoughts on the Femme League collection?

HC: so beautiful 

MR: How would you describe the Femme League collection? 

HC: Functional and stylish 

MR: Any additional info or fun facts you'd like to share on Veronica / Femme League? 

HC: I am excited for this new line and can't wait to see some amazing ladies wearing it.

Check out and follow Hannah Croteau's art on her Insta.

Wilsy Wong

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