My breasts hurt post workout help!

4 June 2018

Step #1 Make sure you have good support. Most often women experience sore breasts after working out because of an unsupportive sport bra. Whether your doing olympic sprinting or going to a meditation and yoga class, it is important that you use the level of support you need for your breasts. Workouts like Yoga, some-types of dance, pilates, hiking, and more low impact, can use less supportive sports bras. Whereas, running, team-sports like playing football or basketball, karate or boxing need more support because of the intense movements. Below are a mix of different types of supportive ranging from high to low impact sports bras.  

Step #2 Invest in quality. Although sports bras may not be at the top of your shopping list, investing in a sports bra with high quality fabric reduce the chance of breast pain. One of the most popular sources of irritation is 'Runner's Nipple' which creates an irritation between the nipple and the fabric of the sports bra. High quality fabrics with sweat-wicking materials can reduce sweat build up on the skin when working out to prevent soreness around this area.

Step #3 Test it out. Keep the labels on if you aren't too sure and wear it to a work-out class. See how it feels after doing a high intensity class, try out different types of bras for different workouts and see which one is best. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, when trying it on jump around and test it out to get the ultimate feeling. Remember to never settle, your body needs nourishment and love to thrive! 

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