Chriss is wearing Miss Runner Bloom Collection: Snow Petal Sports Bra & Snow Petal Leggings

Miss RunnerWhat is your next goal?
Once I have completed my fitness qualifications I'm looking forward to establishing my own Personal Training company. I love sharing my passion for health and fitness with others and together with my physiotherapist husband @therunningphysio plan to establish a business that utilises social media as well as face-to-face small group personal training to help others develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

MR: What would you say to those who claim their lifestyles are way too busy to fit in exercise?
Chriss:It's not about having the time. It's about making the time. If you truly value something and believe it to be important, then you will make the time to fit it into your day. For me, this means waking up at 5.30am and catching the sunrise during a morning workout session. I work full time, study part-time and have a house to run - I have commitments just like everyone else. Because I love and value exercise, though, I make the time to fit it in. I don't feel as though I am loosing an hour of sleep each day - I am simply gaining an hour of life!

MRHave you always been so active since you were a teen, or is there a point where you decided to kick-start?
Chriss: I have not led an active lifestyle my whole life. In fact, I was quite the opposite as a child! I was very sedentary and had little knowledge about fitness and nutrition growing up, so as a result I was a little overweight. It wasn't until I reached my late teens that I began to see the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet in my lifestyle. By the time I reached 18, I really knuckled down and decided to make choices to benefit my health. The difference is amazing - not only has my body transformed physically in response to consistent healthy eating and regular exercise, but my mood and resilience have also changed dramatically. I find that exercise gives me the confidence to know that I can take on challenges in life and succeed!

MR: What's your guilty pleasure dessert?
Chriss: This will sound a little silly - but I absolutely love a big bowl full of buckwheat flakes, rolled oats, almond milk, fruit, dry roasted almonds and natural yogurt for dessert! This is my favourite thing to eat and while it's not exactly "guilty" because it's full of nutrient-rich foods and no nasties, I still find myself having to exercise self control to avoid going back for a second or third bowl ;) All things in moderation!

MRWhat is your most wanted super power?
Chriss: Definitely and without a doubt FLYING! I would absolutely love to be able to fly. Sometimes, on a really good day, running comes close to feeling like flying ;)

MR: Lastly, what is your recent track that you work out to?
ChrissTotally cliche'd I suppose but I love working out to the funky groove of 'Bills' by LunchMoney Lewis!

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