Hacks to Prolong the Life of Your Sports Bra

5 September, 2017 

Congrats on finding the perfect sports bra! (link to find perfect sports bra post) We get it, now you basically want to live in them, now all you want is this lovely piece of garment to last and perform at its best. The right methods of washing and caretaking can increase a sports bra’s lifespan - here we have rounded up 3 hacks for you to get the most out of your new bra:

1. Invest in a lingerie bag
Lingerie bag is for washing delicate lingerie and regular bras - so don’t forget put your sports bras in as well! The fabrics and shape of a sports bra are actually more delicate than regular clothing. Putting them in lingerie bag on gentle wash setting can increase the durability and longevity of the item. If the sports bra has hooks on the back, be sure to close them to prevent them from snagging on the fabric surface during wash. You can grab one at range HKD
HK$25.00HKD-40 at convenient/department stores.

Image: Aliexpress

2. Ditch the liquid detergent

Liquid detergent and fabric softener are many households’ go-to, but try to stick with powder detergent and opt-out of fabric softeners when washing items made of moist-wicking and sweat-wicking fabrics, which are often found in activewear. Liquid fabric softeners and detergent can coat the fabric of the garment, which hinders the sweat-wicking function. The same concept applies to dryer sheets. Our recommendation and the best way to go about it - hang and air-dry your gear to keep them features fesh.

Image: Stock

3. Keep it clean

For gym regulars, washing gym gears daily might become a lazy chore. However, the salt in sweat from dried perspiration can cause damage to the elasticity and structure of a sports bra. If laundering is not available and the garment needs to worn again soon, try rinsing it thoroughly with clean water to get rid of most of the sweat. Plus, a sweat-soaked sports bra is not ideal for the nose anyway.

Image: The List

Remember, always get a sports bra that fits right and helps you perform, you can learn more about choosing the right one here. Now you’ve mastered the art of sports bra caring 101, tell your friends and make sure they are doing it right!

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