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Miss Runner: When did you first start Crossfit? What is so special about it? 

Emi Wong: I started Crossfit only 4 months ago because I started getting bored with working out alone in the gym for almost 2 years and I felt like even though I looked leaner, I did not improve much in terms of strength and mobility. I want to get stronger, faster, better in all physical activities. I was watching the Crossfit games where the athletes were so fit and so good in everything - swimming, running, rowing, lifting heavy weights, doing pull ups, handstand push ups and all these cool moves that I thought to myself, I want to be like that one day! I basically just googled Crossfit in Hong Kong and the first result that popped up was Fitness Academy, the Crossfit gym that I am currently going to. I signed up for a few free trials, started going more and more, and now I would say I am officially obsessed with it! 

I think what make Crossfit so special are that

1. The friendly and supportive community I am working out with at the Academy 

2. The workout is different every single day and so Crossfit never gets boring 

3. The progress is addictive because every workout is at such high intensity and you will always be pushing yourself to give it your all!

"Working out makes me feel alive, motivated, confident and it is what keeps me going"

MR: You are always on the go! What are some beauty secrets you can share with us? 

EW: When I travel or workout, I normally do not wear any foundation because it is not good for the skin. I will just apply pome eyeliner and I am ready to go! :D Skin can get really dry especially after plane rides or being in different countries with a different climate, so I use face mask almost every day after shower and I also put on body lotion for my whole body to make sure my skin stays moisturised and fresh! 

MR: What drives you to stay motivated to push further and further? 

EW: There is a quote that I really like, describing why people do Crossfit. "Because I go when you can't go any further. Because easy will no longer suffice. Because I don't just get better. Because I get better than great and strive for perfection. Because I know my limits and I defy them daily. Because I don't stop when I am tired. I stop when I am done. Because I know pain is weakness leaving my body. Because I have what it takes even if it takes all that i have got. Because I am greater than my obstacles."

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MR: What are your thoughts on how to balance life, health, business, beauty, & family? 

EW: Work life balance is definitely uneasy to achieve, especially with an "OT" culture in Hong Kong. However, it is extremely important to me because I believe that if you are not happy with your personal life outside of your job, no matter it is about family / relationship / health / fitness, you cannot perform at your best in your day job as well. I have my own priorities and my own personal goals that I want to achieve outside of work and I would say I see them as equally important as my work goals. 

MR: What would you say to those who say they are too busy to work out? 

EW: I believe that we all have time for the things that are top on our priority list. We will make time no matter how busy our schedule is. I do believe that there are people who are too busy to work out, because working out is just not a top priority in their lives at this point, which is totally okay. For me, fitness is such an important part of my life right now that no matter how crazy my schedule is, I will make sure that I can fit at least one hour of work out into my day even if I have to give up on some other things because it makes me feel alive, motivated, confident and it is what keeps me going. 

MR: Do you have a goal to achieve this year? 

EW: Yes I do! I actually have a whole list of Crossfit goals that I want to achieve by August, i.e. squatting 170lbs, deadlifting 200lbs, being able to do 3 straight pull up, 10 straight push up and etc. But other than that, I want to be able to pursue the career path that I want, and to be happy in my job!

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