These days influencers and social media provide an enormous opportunities to build brand awareness for companies or services. One way that you can catch some cheaper or even free zumba or dance classes is following these influencers on social media. Most of them partner in such a way, where their followers receive a discount or voucher that they can then benefit from.


Founded by Husband and Wife, Kenny and Haruna. Both being one of Hong Kong's hottest celebrities choreographers. Their studio covers a variety of workshops, from contemporary to jazz funk. Check out their Youtube channel for inspiration.

Dance On

No matter where you are in the world, you should be dancing! 

With the rise of next-generation programming brands like Vice, Buzzfeed, and AwesomenessTV, Dance On set out to be the best digital-first programmer for dance entertainment.

Suscription link here

Check out one of their latest tutorial- Mad Love. Choreo by Nicole Kirkland


If you are an advance dancers who are looking to show off your sassiness , subscribe to Michelle Maniscalco's Youtube Channel for daily inspirations. Her classes are of high energy and action packed. Put on your over knee heels and sway away.


Her page is filled with aerial routine and yoga inspirations. As co-founder of Pole Fit Dubai. Michelle uses her Instagram account to showcase beautiful solo and duo aerial routines.

Check out one of Michelle latest choreography with girlfriend @jessicaolie here.

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