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Volunteering at your local fitness studio or gym comes with plenty of benefits. This method of getting access to free workout sessions is a different approach and often less used, but extremely effective. One way to get your hand on a sweet set up like this is through personal connections. Think of anyone you know - possibly personal trainer, gym owner, frequent gym member, etc, who might be able to help you out with something like this. Additionally, try and come up with services that you can offer the gym in exchange. If you have great marketing skills or run a great restaurant that offers healthy food, think creatively to set up an exchange of goods. More Yoga, a London based studio, often has student volunteers who help members when they come in, and clean up after class in exchange for free yoga sessions. Based anywhere around the world, one tip that we would suggest is to try and find smaller gyms that aren’t as well known to email and discuss this opportunity with. It’s all about taking the risk, you can do it! 

On the other hand, you can try the following gyms if your full-time job does not allow time for voluntary. 

Pure Hong Kong

Free access period: 7 days

Locations: 9 across Hong Kong

Facilities: Full gym access, group class trial including indoor spinning and yoga.

Register here

Goji Studios

Free access period: 7 days

Locations: 8 across Hong Kong 

Facilities: Full gym access + 3 group class trial

Register here

Fitness First

Free access period: 3 days 

Locations: 9 across Hong Kong 

 Facilities: Full gym access 

Register here

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