No matter where you are in the world, the internet is an indisputable asset that can provide free access to almost any information. In the same way, in terms of fitness and yoga, youtube and apps are some key factors that can help you on the go.

Yoga with Tim

Includes 30 day challenges to build strength, balance, inversions, or postures. It ranges for all levels and his aim is to help you challenge yourself to the best of your ability. 

Yoga by Candace

This channel offers short and sweet videos for those of you who often don’t have time to do a full session but still need to get in a few sun salutations. She focuses on incorporating different items into her sequences such as blocks, stability balls, and chairs, which many of us have access to on a daily basis. 

Asana Rebel 

Their yoga inspired fitness workout tutorial makes it fun and interactive for users who wants to see result quick but are bored of traditional HIIT and crossfit programs. All you need is a yoga mat from us to kick start!

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