hannah croteau on balance between pilates and abstract art

Miss Runner: There are many forms and genres of art. Why are you particularly interested in abstract digital arts?

Hannah Croteau: I have always been a creative person, I use to draw when I was younger. One day in high school we had a painting project (that was my first time painting) and I loved it! It came more naturally than anything else I had done. I love how painting gives you the ability to create more than just a picture.

MR: How would you describe your arts in one word? Do they reflect you as a person?

HC: I started focusing on abstract about 7 months ago. I love the freedom that it allows. Yes, I do love painting pictures still.. But abstract painting lets me get out apart of myself that can't be expressed any other way! It's amazing!

MR: How is your work now different from your early works and what drove such a change?

HC: I gave up painting for about 7 years. Not as an intentional thing.. Just life took me in another direction. I never thought I could paint for a living. During this time I got my Pilates instruction certification and taught full time. I had painted a few pictures here and there just for fun, but it wasn't until my husband and I started dating that I really picked up my paint brushes. I had new inspiration, and had moved to a different state. After we were married, he (being the best husband ever) told me to take some time off and paint if I wanted. So of course I did!! It has been an amazing experience to have the freedom to paint and find my style and "voice" through my brushes.

MR: Can you tell us something about orbs? What is the idea behind this project and what inspired you into this?

HC: The first time I taught Pilates I was terrified! I kept thinking I was going to mess up or say something silly... Which I'm sure I did. :) but when it was done I knew I was hooked. We always mess up when we try new things.. But that's ok! That's what makes the growing process beautiful and fun.

MR: We heard that you are a haiku lover, could you share with us your favourite haiku or one that you wrote?


1. Your breath. Conscious breathing is so important. It not only helps with your muscles but also your mind. Centering your mind and focusing what's inside you to get through a workout.

2. Form!! Have good form and focus on which muscle your trying to work. Often times when there's another muscle that's stronger it wants to take over!

3. Listen to your body. No body is the same.. So listen to the one you have. Challenge yourself when you feel like it can be challenged and rest when you need to rest.

MR: Which artistic figure has the greatest influence on you as an artist?

HC: Ug. I'm not sure I can choose!! They both play an important role in my life!

MR: What kind of sports would you recommend for people when they stumble upon a creative block?

HC: My next goal keep painting and teaching then eventually have my own studio. I'd love to open something where I can teach and also have a space for painting.

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