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Miss Runner: Yoga comes in various types. What is your favourite type of yoga?

Lucia Liencres: Vinyasa! I love to flow with the movement of my body, mind and breath. It is fantastic. I practice Asthanga too because it is very challenging and I would love to teach that in the future.

MR: What is your favourite yoga pose?

LL: Scorpion and all kinds of handstand.

MR: What inspires you to get on your mat every day, even on those days where you just don't feel like it?

LL: Yoga is my medicine. There are days that I don´t feel like doing yoga but when I do I feel so good. My mind needs it as well as my body. It is magical to see the improvements in both body and mind each day.

MR: What would you be doing if yoga does not exist? 

LL: I would probably be a doctor. It is one of my dream jobs. 

MR: Who is your female superhero? 

LL: My superhero is the yogi Meghan Currie ;) I am working hard to learn her lifestyle and her yoga poses. I love them. 

MR: Lets talk about food. What is your guilty food pleasure? 

LL: Hahahah chocolate for sure. I cannot stay one day without it ;)

Wilsy Wong

A Hong Kong petite born and bred, Wilsy writes (obviously). As a full time Global Adventurer and part-time Marketer & Content Creator in lifestyle, travel and gnt (yep, don’t judge), she can be spotted anywhere doing weird stuffs - mixing Want Want cocktail in dodgy Burmese Hostel, diving 32 meters down the sea while having a beer at the same time (and forgot to watch her no deco time and almost died). Her humble motto - “Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”


social: @wilsyish

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