If you are looking to high intensity calories burn or strengthening your self-defense techniques, Martial Arts is the sport to go for.  You can burn 360 – 955 calories during 30 minutes of martial arts.

Warrior's courses includes Muay Thai, Western Boxing and circuit training at different levels. They are launching Lights Out which class structures around boxing and HIIT in party atmosphere boxing. 

It is suitable for students who are at intermedium level looking to strengthen their technique as well as those who are searching for Muay Thai fitness.

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Instagram: @warriorhongkong

Pow covers a variety of programs including BJJ, Muay Thai and Aerial Yoga. Their head coach, Teelek started May Thai when he was 8 years old. Had 160 won out of 200 fights.

Their 3,000-square-feet studio is a newly furnished venue providing modern, avant garde and upbeat ambience facilities. Pow is a fun combative sports training center & Muay Thai school. All programs offer  exercise training with a focus on fitness & health.

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Instagram: @powmuaythai

Espada has the finest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach in Hong Kong

Owner, Rodrigo Caporal is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) black belt and a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Rodrigo’s passion for BJJ and MMA resonates with his students, and has helped him to create a dedicated, talented and close-knit team of fighters and competitors. Many of his students have in turn earned world championship titles in BJJ under his tutelage, which he counts as one of his greatest accomplishments.

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Instagram: @espadahk

A pioneer fitness concept that combines strength-training, cardiovascular exercise and low impact workouts to create revolutionary classes that exercise the mind and body.Their training course includes fighting Tai Chi, cardiovascular and dance. 

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Instagram: @fachkofficial

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