If you are looking to high intensity calories burn or strengthening your self-defense techniques, Martial Arts is the sport to go for.  You can burn 360 – 955 calories during 30 minutes of martial arts.

London Fight Factory provide classes such as BJJ, Sambo, Wrestling, MMA and many more. Their trainers will push you and soon you will feel the changes in your body, fitness Lebel and stamina increasing. Understand your sense of balance and gravity and advancing your techniques with their targeted training. 

It is suitable for students who are at intermedium level looking to strengthen their technique as well as those who are looking to build up your physical self.

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Watch the introduction video and you will get a sense of Another Space's high energy class. Their HIIT class consist Boxing and Amrap conditioning training. Feel the fast and furious structure of this class that is designed to fire your metabolism to burn extra calories for hours. No wraps or gloves needed. All equipments are provided by studio.

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Instagram: @another_spacelondon

Urban Warrior Academy (Closest Tube Station: Vauxhall)

The Urban Warriors Academy, is a high quality, high performing gym that combines both sports and strength. The gym offers specialists, personal trainers, high-class equipment, and lockable changing rooms. They offer MMA, Muay thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Judo, and ladies only boxing/ self defense. 

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Instagram: @urbanwarrioracademy

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