meet insta yoga sensation - the southern yogi, AUTHOR OF AB'ASANAS

Miss RunnerWhat do you think is your greatest reward from practicing yoga?
Morgan Deyoung:The greatest reward I get from practicing yoga is probably the ability to realize the time on your mat is NEW - every day. Yoga isn't some linear journey, it's a never-ending spiral of ups and downs. Sometimes what you achieved or didn't achieve one day can't completely shift the next time you practice.

MR: What is your favourite time of the day to workout?
MD: I enjoy working out either first thing in the morning or early afternoon after I've eaten breakfast and given my tummy time to settle.

MRWhat is your favourite post-workout food/drink?
MD: Mmmm, it will forever be vitamin D chocolate milk. Haha...weren't expecting that, were you?

MR: Mountains or beaches?
MD: As much as I love both, my soul will always be drawn to the waves and the ocean. Probably have 10 years of swimming to thank for that. I feel at home in the water.

MRWhere do you want to travel on your next vacation?
MD: I'd love to get back to Africa. The first time I went there was 7 years ago on a missions trip to Kenya. I'd love to go visit South Africa this time and dive into more of the culture there.

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