Nataliia bikmullina on pole, silk and hoop dancing

Miss Runner: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Nataliia Bikmullina: I started dancing when I was 3. It’s scary to say, but I have been dancing for 25 years now. I started as just normal dancing as a hobby and Bollywood Movies are a big influence for me. I started doing professional ballet at age 12, unfortunately, I had to stop doing ballet after my injuries on my fee. But then I found new passion of being an aerialist! It is amazing because I can keep dancing in the air instead of staying on the ground.

MR: What is your favourite among pole, silk, and hoop?

NB: My favourite is definitely hoop and there are so many reasons for it. First of all, with all the clean postures, it’s very elegant when you are dancing on the hoop. It’s a great feeling and because you are working out your whole body, strength, flexibility and it’s not as painful as everybody think it is. I call it moderated pain.

Nataliia is wearing Beyond Boundaries Collection: Veronica Sports Bra & Veronica Leggings

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