10 September, 2017 

Image: Huffpost

1. Make Good Use Of Affirmations

The morning pep talk might seem silly the first time you try it, but once you get past that psychological hurdle, be prepared to unveil the wonders of it. Saying positive affirmations to yourself first thing in the morning gives you an instant kick of positivity and confidence to set the tone of your day. Some prefer to do it facing a mirror before heading out, and some do it while they’re still in bed - try it out and find the time that feels most comfortable and works for you best. Affirming yourself that you are ready to take on the day’s challenges allow you to handle problems and obstacles with ease. Write down a few affirmations that are inspiring and motivating, read them out every morning or memorise them to win the day!

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2. Set A Daily Unplugged Session

Spending most of the day being in front of a screen is no alien to millennials. Set a time for each day to cut the cord, be away from your gadgets, emails, social media outlets, and everything digital. Take 15-30 minutes, or even an hour, to escape from the world can help you focus on yourself and appreciate the present moment.

Image: Net Doctor

3. Have A Self-care Routine

Self-care is definitely one of the trending cultures right now. With the rise of cult beauty products, pampering treatments, self-love communities, we are often exposed to information that falls in that realm. It is easy to get lost in all the information and new concepts, but the ultimate goal always goes down to what makes us feel good, and it’s a personal feeling. Whilst taking care of what’s on the exterior, being aware of what our minds and souls need is also a part of wellness. It can be as simple as taking a bubble bath and putting your favourite Vinyl on.

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4. Stretch And Unwind

Stretching is not only for athletes and super flexible yogis. Releasing the tension in your muscles from sitting at the desk or walking all day can improve sleep and help destress. Stay mindful as you stretch and filter out all the negative thoughts. Spend 15-20 minutes every night for a deep stretch on the bed or a yoga mat can make a significant difference, there’s nothing more exhilarating than feeling more connected to yourself.

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