Does your BRA strap dig? 

4 June, 2018 

Step #1 Fix your band. Usually straps start digging into because the band you have been wearing has started to loosen, essentially putting less compression under the bust and forcing more pressure on the straps. Consider buying one size smaller in your band and this should do the trick!   

Step #2 Look for wider straps. Sports bras come in a variety of sizes and shapes, if your straps keep digging into your skin it means that the weight isn't distributed evenly. Wider straps, especially for larger busts give more support and will stop the digging. Below are different types of bra strap styles that can effectively help solve your problem, and you can get back to the gym! 

Step #3 Test it out. Keep the labels on if you aren't too sure and wear it to a work-out class. If it's still digging in try different sizes, different types of bra straps. Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, when trying it on jump around and test it out to get the ultimate feeling.

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