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The Active Expert Guide to Holiday Gifts 

2 December, 2017 | Written By Wilsy Wong

Picking The Right Sports Bra - Miss Runner Blog

Holiday is coming up fast (Damn! is it December already?). There is that one particular person you are still struggling what to gift? Well, is she the active fit babe type who is always up for a sweat out sesh or choosing that dish with the lowest calories on the menu? YES? This is the ultimate gift guide for you. NO? Well, everyone needs a bit of motivation to dig out their dusty gym membership card or that cute sports bra they have always wanted to put on. 

Scroll down to see these foolproof fitness gift picks of every budget from Miss Runner, we are pretty sure she will be stoked to unwrap these 10 presents on Boxing Day. 

1. KIKI Health’s Nature’s Living Superfood

Low calories diet, they are in fact (duh), low nutrients diet. That is why most professional athletes take supplements instead of only binging on chicken breasts. But that does not mean dozens of artificial mineral pills every day. KIKI Health’s Nature’s Living Superfood is 100% raw, green alkalising whole food supplement, derived from a comprehensive blend of raw whole foods and comes in powdered form, which you could blend into your smoothie bowl or protein shakes. 

HKD$420 150g  

From Urban Greenosophy

*take 15% off order with code "MRxUG15"

 2. Advanced Protection Moisturiser w/SPF35 

Why is everybody walking out the gym with glowing and dewy skin? Moisturising is key. This lightweight moisturiser soothe your skin, leaving it supple and hydrated after the skin distressing workout class. Complete with essential SPF protection to shied your skin from UV. Post exercise beauty fix, checked. 

$250 1.7 fl oz 

From Skin Laundry

*take 15% off order and get a free SPF30 daily moisturiser (50ml) with code "missrunner"

 3. Hula-hoop Beginner course 

Squat, lift, spin and repeat. If you find the usual workout routine menial and dull. This might be your new hobby to master. Hula-hoop dance is making a comeback as the most wicked workout ever. Apart from being an excellent way to tone your core and lines, it is a channel for your creative outlet. Turning circle’s Jan/Feb beginner course covers all you need to know to learn the coolest hoop tricks. 

$1120 for 8 week course 

From Turning Circle

*take 10% off JAN/FEB Beginner Course by email sign up to Turning Circle with code "HULAHOOP"

 4. Gourmet Ice Pops

Working hard for your booties but still can’t part with your beloved tub of Cookies n’ Cream? Girl, have a grip! You need to opt for an alternative to that devilish ice cream. We happened to find just the right choice for you. Ice Pops is just half the calories of ice cream and these flavours from NICE POPS are to die for - from traditional HK dessert flavour to spiked cocktail pops, they have em’ all. 

$199 The Classic – pack of 8 pops 


*15% off ice pops and box sets with code "MISSRUNEROFFER"

5. ALL IN ONE Gym Pass

Gym hopping is actually a thing. There’s thousands of gyms, studios, classes out there, why should we only committed to one. Guava Pass provide the best solution to this – a pass that grant you access to all gyms. When I say all gyms, I mean ALL gyms, not only limited in Hong Kong, but all across Asia. 

$588  4-class package



HK$100.00HKD off 4-class package with code "MISSRUNNER"

6. Travel Size Golden Citrus Hair Pamper Set 

Let’s be honest, what the real struggle of any fit babe? Hair. That damp, oily tangled mess after your spin class is the reason why you always consider going bald. But no fuss! With these pocket size hair spa set packed with all natural and organic plant oils and nutrients, you’ll walk out of the gym like walking out of a salon.  

$118 each 60ml 

From Cabanee

*from 1/1/2018-28/2/2018, 10% off your order with code "MISSRUNNER"

7. Infiniti fit yoga class

This is the most obvious gift of all. TBH: nothing beats a good yoga sesh. So all gifts fail, a yoga class prevails. We tried numerous classes ourselves, but we simply adore this one at Infiniti Fitness. Located in the heart of city and with also professional consultation, nutrients programme and physical therapy, this is your fitness one-stop to go. 

$350 per class, package available

From Infiniti Fit

*email sign up for package at with code "MISSRUNNER_INFINITI" for 15% off

8. Pick n’ Mix tea Sample Packs

Packed with antioxidant, fighting off free radical, tea is probably the most most effective way to a clean, detoxed body. This Christmas, mix and match your favourite blends including some innovation flavours like popcorn tea, fennel & liquorice or the festive option the spiced winter red tea. 

$240 12 teas of your choice 

From Teapigs

*10% off your oder with code "MISSRUNNER10"

9. Body firming Trial Duo 

Sometimes you know how hard it is to get that toned and firm booties fast, it takes months of squats, donkey kicks and bridging if you do it the most-hardworking-student-in-class way. But why not cheat it a bit if you could sculpt your buttocks the easy way. Try out this authentically organic firming oil and salt set from Erbaviva, get that summer peaches ready even in winter two times faster than workout alone. 

USD$28 2fl oz X2 

From Erbaviva

*take 15% off your order with code "MISSRUNNER"

10. Holiday Fruit Hamper 

Ultimate vegan Xmas party supplies for that one girl who’s always munching her salad. Sourced from the best quality from all over the globe, this hamper houses the sweetest assorted fruits and cute flamingo floaties and Flamnigo Bloom gift vouchers.  


From Flamingo Bloom

11. statement performance activewear

Who doesn’t like a fresh set of outfit for your Christmas morning yoga flow? No one ever! Miss Runner’s Gift Bundles let you mix and match your gear to customise your active wardrobe. Save up to HK$550.00HKD with the following gift set deal:

 - Top + bottom 30% off 

- 3 for 2 

- buy 1 leggings, get the 2nd pair 50% off 

- 50% off yoga mat with any purchase 

Gear up with performance sportswear from the athletic apparel expert and sweat out in style! 

From Miss Runner

Wilsy Wong

A Hong Kong petite born and bred, Wilsy writes (obviously). As a full time Global Adventurer and part-time Marketer & Content Creator in lifestyle, travel and gnt (yep, don’t judge), she can be spotted anywhere doing weird stuffs - mixing Want Want cocktail in dodgy Burmese Hostel, diving 32 meters down the sea while having a beer at the same time (and forgot to watch her no deco time and almost died). Her humble motto - “Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”


social: @wilsyish

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